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I’m not much of a mystery fan, but I do enjoy stories that involve artists, musicians, and writers. so this one sounds pretty interesting to me. It appears to have mixed reviews. I’ve decided I’d like to give it a try. The Kindle version is on sale now for just .99 at Amazon.
Dead Wood (A John Rockne Mystery)

$2.99 LIMITED TIME SALE : $0.99

A mystery book by Dani Amore

In the exclusive enclave of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, a woman who builds custom guitars is murdered. A disgraced ex-cop turned private investigator is hired by the dead woman’s father and immediately becomes the target of a violent ex-convict. An enigmatic music star performs damage control on her links to the dead woman. And a professional killer who idolizes Keith Richards is brought into town by a mysterious employer.

Dead Wood is what great mysteries are all about: love, hate, faith and vengeance, all wrapped up in an explosive story that simply refuses to let up.


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Freebie for the day

I haven’t read this one yet, but it sounds like a good one.  It has 137  five star reviews, and the Kindle version is free right now at

Wings of Glass

$13.99 LIMITED TIME SALE : $0.00

A spiritual fiction book by Gina Holmes

On the cusp of adulthood, eighteen-year-old Penny Carson is swept off her feet by a handsome farmhand with a confident swagger. Though Trent Taylor seems like Prince Charming and offers an escape from her one-stop-sign town, Penny’s happily-ever-after lasts no longer than their breakneck courtship. Before the ink even dries on their marriage certificate, he hits her for the first time. It isn’t the last, yet the bruises that can’t be seen are the most painful of all.

When Trent is injured in a welding accident and his paycheck stops, he has no choice but to finally allow Penny to take a job cleaning houses. Here she meets two women from very different worlds who will teach her to live and laugh again, and lend her their backbones just long enough for her to find her own.

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Another Freebie

Just because it’s Friday, and I’m in a good mood, here is another free Kindle book for all you Jane Austen fans.



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Day Two

I still need to do a lot of work on my pages, but it’s getting there.  I am not very tech savvy so it takes me a while to figure things out.  Still trying to work out the adding pictures part, and some other things.  I’ll be trying to post at least one book review per day while I’m getting started with more to come later on.  I welcome any advice from seasoned bloggers.  This is all very new to me, and I am learning as I’m going.  Have a beautiful day, everyone!  It’s Friday…Yay!



Here’s a book you can get for free (Kindle version) right now at

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