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Tucker’s Way by David Johnson


This is a wonderful story of survival, strength, and finding friendship in the most unlikely places. Abused as a child, rejected as an adult, Tucker has hardened her heart to all outsiders. Then Ella moves in next door. The bond they form becomes the strong thread that keeps them both from falling apart when the unbelievable and unbearable happens.

I was so touched by this story and all the characters – Tucker, Ella, and April particularly. What these three suffer through as parents, grandparents, friends, is heartbreaking. But their love and genuine caring for one another gives them the strength to overcome and brings them all even closer.

I listened to the audible version and the narration was some of the best I’ve heard. So very well done. All of the accents, personalities, both male and female, were all absolutely wonderful. I would read/listen to anything by either this author or this narrator.

A very powerful and moving story. Highly recommended. Can’t wait to read more in this series.





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