We Are Not Ourselves

Quick review:

We Are Not Ourselves

This is a close look at an Irish immigrant family living in New York. It begins in the 1940s and focuses mainly on the daughter in the family. At a young age, she takes on the responsibility of caretaker of her alcoholic, dysfunctional parents and, though she tries to make a better life for herself, she spends most of her life taking care of others. She works as a nurse, and ends up as her husbands primary caretaker when his health deteriorates.

While I felt the story was overly long and dragged in some places, it was interesting in the way it was told, from all three perspectives of the wife, the husband, and their son. Their reflections and actions gave great glimpses in to the character and the emotional life of each one as they faced life struggles.

There were also a lot of interesting social references that brought to life each time period from the 40s through the 2000s. It was definitely an interesting read.


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