A Gem of a Book!

I love reading books about books, and this little gem does not disappoint. Collins is an engaging author whose love of books, at the very least, matches my own. As he described sorting through towering piles of dusty old books, I felt myself nestled in the corner next to him, searching for my own treasures. Full of envy, I yearned for this to be true.

I found myself jotting down notes for many of the books he references here, hoping I might one day have the chance to read some of them myself. Mr. Collins takes the reader on a wonderful adventure in this tiny Welsh town of book lovers called Hay-On-Wye, or “Town of Books”. The town is full of character and characters, both of which are wonderfully appealing. I must make it a point to visit there one day.

Though some readers may find this book a bit boring (there’s not much action), if you are a true lover of books in all their many forms, this is definitely one for you. I can’t recall another book about books that I have enjoyed as much as this one. It is definitely going on my Favorites shelf to be read again and again.

A great one to start off my year of reading with.


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