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Historical Christian Romance and Intrigue

I thought this was going to be a sweet Christian romance. Well, it is that, and so much more. This story grabs you from the very beginning as newlyweds Grace and Monty are headed out west. Traveling on their own, they find themselves in trouble when they are caught up in a terrible rainstorm out on the plains. <br><br>A very pregnant Grace must watch helplessly as all of her worldly possessions, including her beloved husband are swept up into the raging waters. Rescued and brought in to town to recuperate, Grace is distraught. Believing her husband to be dead, she finds a job in town and works to support herself and her young son. <br><br>I can’t say much more without revealing too much of the story, but this is a riveting tale, full of intrigue and many plot twists that keep you eagerly anticipating the next page. I couldn’t put it down. Wonderful characters and great storytelling. I highly recommend.


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The Night Garden

A magical story about a young women who tends her family’s farm and, in particular, the maze garden at the center of the property. Visitors come from all over to visit the maze garden and experience its mystical, healing properties.

Though friendly with the visitors to the farm, Olivia is forced to keep her distance from them, just as she was forced to end her relationship with the boy next door many years earlier. Now that boy is a grown man, he’s back in town, and he wants to see Olivia. But can they make their relationship work when Olivia’s terrible secret is revealed?

This story was so different than anything I’ve read and so interesting. I loved all the descriptions of the flowers and the gardens. I could almost picture myself standing in the midst of them. Wonderfully written, multi-layered characters and beautifully described, picturesque landscapes made this story a joy to read.

Explores the complexities of relationships, and how we sometimes can make things much more difficult by keeping ourselves (and our emotions) locked away. I liked this story very much and look forward to reading more by this author.

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A Gem of a Book!

I love reading books about books, and this little gem does not disappoint. Collins is an engaging author whose love of books, at the very least, matches my own. As he described sorting through towering piles of dusty old books, I felt myself nestled in the corner next to him, searching for my own treasures. Full of envy, I yearned for this to be true.

I found myself jotting down notes for many of the books he references here, hoping I might one day have the chance to read some of them myself. Mr. Collins takes the reader on a wonderful adventure in this tiny Welsh town of book lovers called Hay-On-Wye, or “Town of Books”. The town is full of character and characters, both of which are wonderfully appealing. I must make it a point to visit there one day.

Though some readers may find this book a bit boring (there’s not much action), if you are a true lover of books in all their many forms, this is definitely one for you. I can’t recall another book about books that I have enjoyed as much as this one. It is definitely going on my Favorites shelf to be read again and again.

A great one to start off my year of reading with.

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