Floating Boy and the Girl Who Couldn’t Fly


I previously included a brief review of this one in my “Five Great Reads for Middle Grade Readers” but here is a more thorough review.

From the first time Mary sees the boy floating up above the trees at her cousin’s birthday party, she is awestruck. Of course, it’s a strange occurrence, and while the adults and press are trying to explain it all away, Mary is set on finding out more about the boy.

When her younger brother begins floating around the house, Mary is really shaken and becomes even more determined to find answers. The second time she crosses paths with the floating boy, a bond begins between them. Together, they try to solve the mystery of the floating children.

When her brother is kidnapped by an evil scientist, Mary and her floating friends rush to the rescue. What they discover is the answer to all their questions, and a resolution to the mystery.

This is a great sci-fi/adventure story, written for young adults or more mature middle school readers. However, as an older adult, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It’s fast paced and a believable, but extraordinary tale with memorable characters.


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